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harriette regina thompson

(let's explore)
(let's explore)

Art, to me, is like breathing. It is not something I do, it is who I am to my core. To create and be creative is our right, as humans. I find inspiration through nature, books, my dreams and so much more. Inspiration can hit at any time, and sometimes the best ideas come from seemingly unrelated subjects.

I continue to go back to the term 'Modern Day Renaissance Woman' as I believe that while one solitary focus works well for some people, for others, like myself, having multiple disciplines is the path to success and ultimate creative expression. I am the best version of myself when I am learning, practicing and applying a new skill.

As a UI/UX, Web and Graphic designer, nothing brings me more joy than bringing my client's vision's to life. As a painter, nothing brings me more joy than bringing my ideas to life on canvas. And as a human, nothing brings me more joy than stretching my understanding and depth to new levels, and continuing to see life as the playground it is.

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